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Hurtling down dirt roads on a mountain bike and getting an adrenaline rush is the  biggest thrill for mountain bikers. And Nepal is just the country for such high spirited people adventure seekers. Beginning right here in the Kathmandu valley, there are endless possibilities for bikers.

The dirt trails up and down the valley’s edge lead to far flung settlements where one can enjoy superb views of snow capped mountains, verdant valleys and lush green terraced hillsides. The higher you climb the better the view and the clean mountain air rejuvenates your tired body. Once out of the valley, there are endless rows of hills, waterfalls and spectacular views of mountains that loom large in the background.

Better still head for the mountains which brings extreme challenges where the terrain is rough and the thin mountain air requires you to be at a high fitness level. There are tranquil valleys to ride through, pristine glacial lakes to encounter and the proximity to the Himalayan mountain leaves you in awe. The ever-smiling people of the mountain region make it all worthwhile. Their warm greetings along the way will make you feel at home, enough to make you want to stay. It’s a great way to discover the heart and soul of Nepal.

Hard core bikers ride through the Himalayas right up to the northern border with Tibet. Get in touch with one of  the many agencies that organize such trips for tourists. Their biking tours can take you to most destinations in Nepal or even to Tibet. Popular destinations around the valley are Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha, Nagarkot and the Kathmandu valley rim which includes Khokana, Dakshinkali, Godavari etc. Pokhara is fascinating for bike rides with its incredible natural beauty. Annual mountain biking championships are held in Kathmandu and Pokhara where tourists are invited to participate.

Ride through lush green rice fields, delightful little hamlets, up and down the hills, along river banks, around temples, past stray cattle, over suspension bridges and along highways. Mountain bikes can be easily rented for the day or even longer from one of the numerous bicycle rental shops in Thamel and around the city. Take a guided bike tour to better understand the local culture, rhythm of  simple village life and to visit interesting sites which you would otherwise miss on your own. Get to know the real Nepal through one of the most enjoyable sport of biking. 

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Hurtling down dirt roads on a mountain bike and getting


Nepal’s history dates back to the time of the Gopalas and