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Mountaineering is considered the keystone activity that Nepal offers to the climbers than any country in the world. The eight out of the fourteen 8000m peaks lie in Nepal including Mt. Everest (8000m), the highest peak in the world. Ever since, the country opened its peaks to climbers in 1949, the mountaineering activity has become the most popular trend of alluring thousands of adventures seekers to Nepal every Year.

The pioneer of all, this Mountaineering was the major starter of tourism in Nepal that dates back to the Successful conquering of mount Annapurna by Mourice Herzog in 1950 and the Mt. Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Sir Edmund Hillary in 1953. Since then, the record Setting and glory hunt of conquering these peaks have been remarked as the most prestigious earnings and so has been the ultimate dream of any climber to attain. Mountaineering in Nepal is also considered dangerous and life threatening due to the unprecedented Climatic Change and other hazards led by high altitudes.

So, If you join any expedition with Narba Treks & Expedition, our highly experience Sherpa Climber will give you fully safety instructions before the Expedition began. This is very important to minimize the risk of unprecedented climate Change. The Nepal Himalaya has also remained as an inspiration from ages for people from every walk of lives varying from poets to researchers, climbers to trekkers, philosophers to saints and nature Lovers to adventures.