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Nepal is a small and a landlocked country. Situated between the two most powerful and developed nation- India and china, Nepal is an underdeveloped country rich in natural resources. Though as already written, Nepal is a landlocked country and you cannot dream to sleep at the beach and flaunt your summer body. Though it is a landlocked country, Nepal is still able to position itself as the second richest country in the world in terms of water resources. But more than water resources, Nepal is famous for the wide Himalaya range found here. Being a country whose eight mountain peaks are listed as amongst the top ten highest peak in the world, Nepal has been known for its massive mountain peaks in the world. In fact it the identity of Nepalese whenever they go to the other countries.
Out of the ten Himalayan range which consists of uncountable numbers of mountain peaks- highest and lowest, Annapurna Himalayan region is one of them. Most of the people that intend to come to Nepal, usually plan to trek in this region. Along with the Everest base camp, Annapurna base camp is equally famous amongst the tourist. The massive Himalayan view this region provides is irreplaceable and unexplainable. Whenever I try explaining the beauty and the view or the fee of being in this region, I always run out of enough adjectives. 


Situated at the northern part of very famous tourist site of Nepal, Annapurna base camp is 40 kilometers far from this region. Sitting at an altitude of 4000 meters, this oval shaped plateau is surrounded by a panoramic view or the ring of mountains, most of them being above 7000 meters in height. Because of the fluctuating landscape where you can encounter heights and depths both, the Annapurna sanctuary has so many eco systems living there. As the base camp is surrounded by the massive mountains from all sides, the duration of the sunrays, touching its surface is only 7 hours. The north facing slopes of this area is dry while the south facing is a treat to watch with a rich sub-tropical forest of bamboo and rhododendron. 


Along with being such a beautiful site, Annapurna sanctuary is believed to be a place of gods and goddesses. People believe that the entrance to the Machapuchre HimaI where lord Shiva’s home is situated whereas according to a popular mythological story, Sherpa and Tamang people believe that there are lots of golds and treasures in this rage and it is there responsibility to secure it. It is as mentioned above is a sacred place but as it is the entrance or doorway to the famous Annapurna base camp, the number of people exploring this sanctuary has increased gradually. Not only the foreigners but also the local people are now into trekking and they explore this base camp too.


While reading the above paragraphs you must have wondered about the best season to get to Annapurna base camp. I would strongly recommend you to visit this basecamp during the season of pre monsoon and post monsoon. The pre monsoon occurs during the month of February, March, april and may while the post monsoon occurs during late September, October, November and December. Make sure you do not visit this place during monsoon because it receives more rainfall and it will act as a barrier to your successful trek. 


As I already have said this, whenever people plan to come to Nepal and plan for a trek, their two most common priorities are Everest base camp and Annapurna base camp. You also must be wondering about which base camp would be better for you to trek. Well there must be some personal reasons as well but let me tell you some of the reasons why Annapurna base camp makes it a better place than Everest. If you are a person who loves to enjoy not only the snowcapped thick and White Mountain ranges but also loves also loves to enjoy the landscape, forest, diversified flora and fauna, then Annapurna base camp is for you. As you have to extend from the Annapurna sanctuary, you won’t really get the chance to know more about the lifestyle of people living near to the mountains. But the fact that the sanctuary is a rich diversifies place with some of the rare species in the world in it, is a bamboo and the rhododendron forest. So visiting this base camp during the month of march and April will be more sensible as you will get to see the very beautiful rhododendrons adding a color to not only the whole vistas but also to your trek. Rhododendron is also the national flower of Nepal, so you will widely get to see it anywhere in the Annapurna sanctuary. Other than that, Annapurna base cap is also a place of preference for people who do not really want to trek for longer days. The Everest base camp lasts for 13- 15 days while the Annapurna base cap trek will only last for 5- 7 days. The landscape of the Annapurna base camp is quit very strenuous so it might be very tiring for you. For the trek to Everest base camp, you need to have some physical strength while for the Annapurna one, you do not need to have any special physical strength. Your willingness to reach to the top is what drives you in this trek.


Along with the various other reason, the fact that Annapurna base camp is suggested to a wide age group that means, a kid of 7 years can also climb this mountain and an old person of the age below 0 years can do this trek. Please do not start to think about the uric acid or cholesterol and think that I am lying. The age limitations are listed for a general case. Had you ever thought of going to a trek with all your family members..?? Definitely not, this is the magic of Annapurna base camp in fact the magic of Nepal. Our trips not only make you fall in love with the natural beauty but brings your family and relations together.

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