Why Us

Repeated Past Clients
The quality of our services has been raved about, and as such, the results are evidence of the claim. Uncompromising when it comes to offering quality services to our clients at an affordable price, Narba Treks continually sees a lot of familiar faces who are keen to venture into the wonders of the country.
 Experience of having guide visited all over Nepal
Any successful endeavors are only as active as the foundations that lead them. And so, the company has made a similar approach when enlisting its members. The guides and trip staffs have had extensive experiences of traveling around the country. The trips are made smoother when the leaders/guide are already familiar to the regions, and so Narba Treks has made investments in the human resources of the company.
 Sustainability at its core (Social, economic and environmental)
We have etched the principles of sustainability into our practices as a traveling companion and a business institution. Ever-ready to couple with moral and sustainable practices, our methods have always been aimed to allow the clients to experience Nepal in a way that puts the social, economic, and environmental aspects into scrutiny.
 Community support through CSR and projects
Not just a profit-oriented company, Narba Treks serves the roots of the grounds that it co...Read More