Mr.Ian forbes

United Kingdom

I have just returned back from another successful expedition to Nepal and once again was highly impressed with Nar’s enthusiasm, communication skills and professional demeanor when I hired him as an in-country guide and service provider. Nar is 100% reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. He multitasks effectively and is able to handle any in-country problem given to him and a high-volume workload given by team’s in-country on and off the mountains. Over the years I have known Nar, everyone who has worked with him commends him for his outstanding level of service, professionalism and follow-through, he has my highest recommendation, and I am happy to furnish more details if you would like additional information on him or his company

William Potter

United Kingdom

I have now been on three treks with Nar (Narba Treks) in Nepal (Everest Base Camp, Annapurne Circuit and Sanctuary) and would not use anyone else. He has earnt my complete trust by arranging the best, most interesting and safest routes, is more than generous with his time and is the most amiable and knowledgeable companion you could hope for over three weeks in the mountains. I heartily recommend him, and consider him a friend.

Joseph McAllister


Outstanding guide service, friendly and efficient. I have recommended them to many friends who have returned saying it was the most incredible trip they had. Will be going back there soon.

Sharon Tsui

United States

Nar is a trustworthy and knowledgeable guide. I have trekked the Annapurna Circuit and Langtang/Gosaikund with him. He has always ensured the safety of our group (i.e. finding safer routes if there has been a landslide), found decent lodging, and has immense patience (for our many questions, slow walking, etc.) I highly recommend Nar and look forward to going on another trek with him.

Michael Cooke

United Kingdom

Spent a lot of time with this company recently and can't say enough about them, extremely friendly, knowledgeable and genuinely helpful.. Great team!!. Michael C

Patrick Hughes

United Kingdom

 I done the Annapurna trail with a group with Narba Treks in October 2013. First may I say that from day one Nar had everything covered. All information was conveyed clearly and all queries answered quickly and with clarity. All the practicalities Nar had taken care of before we arrived. During the trek Nar also had everything covered. He demonstrated great interpersonal and organisational skills. He was very professional and courteous at all times, and very accommodating to any special/ unusual request that we had. Nothing was too much for Nar and his team. As well as the fun and exciting trek we with such breath taking views, Nar made our trip one that was truly enjoyable and one never to forget. He is a genuine, warm, honest individual and we never felt like \'clients\' - he treated us as his brethren. I am already in the advanced planning stages for another trip with Narba Treks in 2016. Book your trip with Nar - YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT

Ian and the Lifesigns Team

United Kingdom

Hi Nar, Now I am back to work and have time to reflect on the ACS expedition.
Firstly I just want to say, thank you to yourself Raj and Kamal for providing first class support throughout all aspects of the trip. The loyalty and integrity of you and your team is why we at Lifesigns will continue to keep working with you and Narba Treks whilst we are operating in Nepal. Please could I ask that you pass on this email to both Raj and Kamal to ensure that they know my personal feelings and also the thoughts of Lifesigns.Breaking it down for your ease of reading I am going to discuss each part individually: Arrival in country.

It is always good to see you and your team on arrival to the airport and the assistance that you give to ensure the first moments in Nepal our students and leaders are safe and the transportation is checked and safe. It is also important that you come back to the backpackers so that we can introduce you and your team and that you assist with the initial briefing.

This year's project site was well organized by yourself and the only area that I would ask that we look at is the towels that are used to dry the dishes etc. If possible it would be good that they are washed at the end of each day as they do become dirty and harbour lots of germs. Apart from this EVERYTHING was well organised, restacked and maintained which was apparent in the fact that team 1 had no illnesses throughout this phase. I cannot see any other areas that need to be changed just that we maintain this standard for all other trips.

The day trek is very good as is the visit to your family. This is an important part of the trip visiting a traditional Nepalis family as long as they are happy to receive us. The cook and assistant cook were very good and the team enjoyed that they got the chance to assist with the cooking and this was reflected in the evaluation forms. The cooks once again need to be continually keeping their areas clean and Mark and Shefika mentioned that they felt sometimes the cooks did not give the dishes enough attention so this needs to be checked. 

The trek was very good and Raj worked hard to ensure him and the team integrated with our students and provided a safe and friendly atmosphere. Please pass on my thanks and again see no areas for improvement. The team loved Raj's and Kamal's personalities and the leader team FOUND THEM TO BE 100% PROFESSIONAL. 

The Kathmandu phase: Although we run this ourselves it is always good to know you are at the end of the phone if needed.

Nar you always there to assist with the return to the airport and it is great that you see us safely to the airport.

In Summary:
Throughout the expedition you are 100% supportive and ready to assist with any situation and of course with any medical requirements, thank you this year for assisting Mark it was much appreciated. If there is anything we can do from our side please let me know.

Nar, could I please ask you to let us know when Raj does his advanced guide course and can he get any photos so we can put it in our newsletters. Also Raj mentioned me running a first aid course for your team so I will look in to this and work out when is good.

Thank you once again, regards
Ian and the Lifesigns Team